Those who are interested in festivals, music, and performing artists may want to take their enthusiasm a little further and find a way of supporting their favourite events. Perhaps there is a particular festival you attend every year or a local theatre that never fails to disappoint in its performances. How can you support these events in the most useful and practical way?

Monetary Support

The most obvious method of support is to simply buy tickets for the event, knowing that a proportion of the costs go directly to the performers. Once at the festival, play or concert, there may be an opportunity to purchase merchandise, such as a programme, music CDs or t-shirts. You could also organise fundraising events to raise awareness of the arts. Research online to see if there are any government grants available and perhaps set up a petition to request funding for a particular event.

Voluntary Support

Many of the festivals, stage productions or other events require a considerable number of behind the scenes workers to ensure that things run smoothly. No matter what your talent or interest, there is bound to be a volunteer position suitable for you. These can include erecting the stage, designing posters, helping with make-up and costumes or completing administration tasks. Following the event, you can write positive reviews for social media. If you are actually a performer yourself, you could volunteer your services for free, and take part in the event with no expectation of being paid.

Whichever aspect of the arts you are interested in, there are many methods of supporting these worthy causes. Creativity is a necessary part of society, helping to make young and old feel better about themselves. Whether you can give monetary support, or simply volunteer your time, your support will surely be welcomed.