Unless you are an avid listener of classical music, orchestral arrangements might not seem all that complicated, but in fact, the genre is highly competitive and has been for over a century. This article will examine the world’s best ten arrangements.

10 – Dresden Staatskapelle

Currently led by Christian Thielemann, a renowned conductor, the Dresden Staatskapelle has an extensive history and an expansive concert hall which contributes to their unparalleled sound. The group has 450 years of performances in its history.

9 – Budapest Festival Orchestra

Colloquially referred to as a ‘baby orchestra, this prominent world orchestra was formed in 1983, and has had great success. The founder, Ivan Fischer, endeavoured to influence Hungary’s musical culture through the creation of a new, bold orchestra.

8 – Los Angeles Philharmonic

Formed in 1919, the arrangement is the resident of the Walt Disney Concert Hall and has been until the tutelage of Gustavo Dudamel as of 2005.

7 – Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra began in 1916 and is one of the big five American orchestras.

6 – Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Relatively young compared to some of the more mature orchestras, the Bavarian Radio Symphony was formed in 1949 and its performances are also regularly broadcasted on radio stations.

5 – Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Widely considered as one of the top American orchestras due to its acclaimed brass section, the arrangement is currently led by Riccardo Muti.

4 – London Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1904, this is one of the most famous orchestras in the world, partly as a result of recordings created for films including the “Star Wars” series.

3 – Vienna Philharmonic

A widely popular orchestra that is known for its lengthy waiting lists and famous concert hall.

2 – Berlin Philharmonic

Founded in 1918, this orchestra has won multiple Grammys and Gramophone awards.

1 – Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Beginning in 1888, the Royal Concertgebouw is globally regarded as the best and brightest in the orchestral world, known for its unique and harmonious sound.