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11 May 2012
Friday 11 May 2012, 9-10pm
Riverside Theatre, Riverside

Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta NSW 2150

Price: $35 full / $30 concession / $25 under 30 / 18 student (booking fees may apply)
Riverside Website or call 02 8839 3399
Information Ph: 02 9351 1939

Listen - Merzbow Soundcloud

Merzbow performs a solo show at the Riverside.


Masami Akita (1956 - ) is a noisician from Tokyo, Japan. In 1980, he created an experimental noise project called Merzbow.

His earliest music was made with tape loops and creatively recorded percussion and junk metal - early methods included what he referred to as "Material Action", in which he would closely amplify small sounds so as to distort them through the microphone. Later, he made several albums of "SCUM" ("Scissors for Cutting Up Merzbow"/"Society for Cutting Up Merzbow"), for which he would cut up previous Merzbow albums until they resembled something new.

He released his music on cassettes through his own record label, Lowest Music & Arts, which was founded in 1982, and then founded a second label, ZSF Produkt. In later recordings produced in the 1990s, he began to use more electronic instruments and harsh noise inspired from Grindcore and Deathmetal. In late 1990s Merzbow began to increasingly use digital technology in his music. These days, it is normal for him to produce all his music with laptop computers, or combination of a laptop and analog equipment.

In 2000, Australian record label 'Extreme' released 'Merzbox' - a 50 CD set of Merzbow records and launced at Sonar festival in Barcerona. In 2002, he released Merzbeat; which was seen as a significant departure from his trademark abstract style in that it contains beat-oriented pieces and was more widely available than the earlier recordings. 2004's 'Merzbird' and 2005's 'Merzbuddha' followed in a similar vein.

Though his albums have frequently moved in themed stages, Merzbow's most recent phase has an added political dimension, being explicitly related to animal rights and similar themes.  An example of this is 'Minazo' Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, dedicated to an elephant seal he visited often at the zoo, and Bloody Sea, a protest against Japanese whaling. He has even produced several works centered around recordings of his pet chickens (notably 'Animal Magnetism' and 'Turmeric'). Merzbow is supporting animal rights organization as PETA and SEA SHEPHERD and releasing promote album like 'Fur Is Dead' Most recent album as 'Dead Zone' is made the day of the first explosion of Fuku  ima Nuclear power plant (reactor building 1) and This CD is dedicated to the ANTINUCLEAR movement. Merzbow has released more than 300 albums. Merzbow performed concert/sound installation in all over the world. He has also worked in collaboration with artists of other genres such as Mike Patton, Alec Empire, Boris, Sunn, Keiji Haino, Richard Pinhas(Heldon), Jim O'rourke, Sonic Youth, Etsuko Yakushimaru etc.