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Types of Support

Types of Support

 Aurora New Music Inc is a not for profit organisation that produces performances of new music in western Sydney, along with other projects that support the development of new music culture.

You may be able to support Aurora in a variety of ways, some of which are here;

Donating Money

Funds can be donated through the Australian Cultural Fund and are tax deductible.


If you are looking to volunteer your skills or expertise to a worthy cause, Aurora New Music has a variety of fields that it could use skilled volunteering in, such as design, publicity and production.


We offer internships either production (front of house and back of house) or in the office (marketing, general management duties, filing, databasing, etc). Internships can be designed to suit your needs and are generally for a limited time with set hours and specific goals. We can only take up to two office interns at anyone time, and production internships are only available during festival time.


We can explore cross-marketing ideas with appropriate organisations (such as those already in the arts in western Sydney) that would benefit from a cross promotional deal with us. Otherwise, simply helping us to promote the festival by taking some flyers and distributing them, or helping with a campaign to sign new people onto our e-news list is of great benefit.


Generally, the sponsorship deals we go into are ones where cash or inkind services of a company are exchanged for branding association or advertising with the Aurora Festival. You may want to sponsor a specific act or project, or you may want to sponsor a position within the organisation (such as the Artistic Curator).

Contact Andrew Batt-Rawden if you would like to support Aurora or get more information.