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9-11 May 2012
Minotaur the Island
Chamber Made Opera
9, 10, 11 May 2012, 7.30-8:20pm

Lennox Theatre, Riverside
Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta NSW 2150
Price: $40 full / $35 concession / $28 under 30 / 18 student (booking fees may apply)
Bookings: Riverside Website or call 02 8839 3399
Information Ph: 02 9351 1939

'I found the performance wholly absorbing, and started thinking about the Lares, the household gods of the Romans, where the domestic sphere is also the site of the sacred.'
Alison Croggon, TheatreNotes
'The intimate opera crowd was enthralled by the production...'
The Opera Boys We rely on the mindfulness of strangers
"Minotaur is a place—the island of Minotaur. The music is tense—just out of reach—fracturing and breaking into bits—travelling through corridors. The objects are the island, and are moved around the space like flotsam from a shipwreck." Minotaur - The Island, or The Lost Opera Act I

Chamber Made Opera's production of


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Composer: David Young
Writer/Director: Margaret Cameron
Performers: Deborah Kayser, Caroline Lee, Hellen Sky and Ida Duelund Hansen
Double Bass: Mark Cauvin
Percussion: Matthias Schack-Arnott
Harpsichord: Anastasia Russell-Head

Virtually all the music for Monteverdi’s 1608 opera L’Arianna, one of the most influential and famous examples of early Baroque opera, has been lost. Minotaur The Island is the first part of an exciting new chamber opera which re-imagines the lost opera of Monteverdi, focussing on the tragic story of the Minotaur.

Minotaur The Island turns around the figure of the Minotaur, the bastard child of peverse love. The work begins with the establishment of the mythic world, and an introduction to the poetics of the piece. Various characters, objects, sounds and theoretical constructs are introduced and developed. We see the conception of Pasiphae, King Minos’ mail order bride, who has become obsessed with the bull of heaven. She gives birth to the monstrous Minotaur, part bull, part human. The Minotaur grows and becomes ferocious, needing to devour men for sustenance, and as a consequence is locked away, in a gigantic labyrinth.

MINOTAUR - THE ISLAND has been co-commissioned by Ten Days on the Island and Dr Peta Gillingham. Part of the New Music Network 2011 Series.

Chamber Made Opera

Chamber Made Opera has shaped Australian chamber opera and music theatre since 1988. We are famous for continually challenging the artform, for bringing together outstanding creative teams, for not being tied to convention and taking inspired imaginative artistic risks.

Our audiences thrive on the provocation and challenge to their expectations. Since David Young took over as Artistic Director in 2010, Chamber Made Operahas focused upon the innovative commissioning format of the Living Room Opera that takes chamber opera to new audiences, engages new artistic teams and creates a clear and engaging profile for the company in Australia and internationally.

This successful formula has seen an incredible rate of production of new opera work and distribution to new audiences as well as commissions, partnerships and special projects to address access and inclusion.