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Festival overview
This festival is about Experience

There are moments in music when suddenly the sound is somehow communicating something unspeakable with you, something that you don't know how to put in words, it just washes over you. When that message, whatever it is, is powerful enough - you get spine tingles... like in all important moments in our lives. Everyone is different, as is every event! There is a vast difference between Oren Ambarchi's solo guitar/noise improvisation and Marshall McGuire's more classically notated harp repertoire - however both can give you the most amazing aural sensations that, if you're open to it, inspire and enrich our lives.

This festival is about Discovery

There is something new to discover in this festival for everyone - the most seasoned 'new art music' concert-goer will not have experienced the world premieres this festival is the platform for, nor the innovative ideas that are involved in the events. This year's festival is inspiring, and is designed to minimise any barriers imaginable to these creative experiences.

This festival is about New Art Music

Embrace the extreme, delve into the esoteric, be inclusive and promote creativity. There is rarely an opportunity in Sydney to hear such a concentration of experimental events of this standard and nature, and we are here to celebrate and promote artistic creativity.

2012 Aurora Festival of Living Music takes its programming from a wide variety of music and ideas within the "new music" sphere. It includes new chamber opera, new technologies (or uses thereof), new works, new collaborations, engages in the current trends of art music. It is savage, wild, restrained, reflective, powerful, meek - completely paradoxically eclectic without any way of simply defining what it is. It's a fun world to be engulfed in, for a while at least, we're glad you could join us!